Dr. CHUNG, Wai-Keung 鍾偉強 博士

Associate Professor



Office: Room LG526, Main Building, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, 6, Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill, North Point, Hong Kong.
Phone: 2104-8227
Email: wkchung@hksyu.edu

Academic and Professional Qualification

PhD in Sociology
University of Washington, USA
MA in Library and Information Science
University of Washington, USA
MA in Chinese Philosophy
New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies, Hong Kong

Specialism and Research Interests

Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
Economic Sociology
Social Problems
Urban Sociology 
China Studies

SOC 107 Understanding Sociology
SOC 233 Contemporary Social Issues
SOC 305 Class Status and Power in Chinese Societies
SOC 310 Social Enterprises in Asia
SOC 321 Economic Sociology
SOC 406 Social Innovation: A Tool for Social Change

Selected Publications

Chung, Wai-keung. 2015. “shehui zhili yu zhongguo shehuiggongzuo fazhang de qiji [社会治理与中国社会工作发展的契机 Social Governance and the Turning Point of the Development of Social work in China] 《南方论坛》,中山大学社会与社会工作系. (In Chinese)

Chung, Wai-keung. 2010. “The Sinification of Western Company Forms in Modern China: A Hybridization of Sinospheres and Anglospheres.” Pp. 273-302 in Tsaiman C. Ho and Louella Cheng (eds.) Economic Dynamism in the Sinospheres and Anglospheres: Identities, Integration and Competition. Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong Press.

Chung, Wai-keung and Gary G. Hamilton. 2009. “Getting Rich and Staying Connected: The Organizational Medium of Chinese Capitalists.” Journal of Contemporary China 18(58): 47-67.

Chung, Wai-keung. 2007. “Westernization of Business Organizations in Japan and China. Continuity and Change.” Pp. 239-260 in Japan and Asian Modernities, edited by Rein Raud. London, Kegan Paul.

Chung, Wai-keung. 2005. “Made in China or Made in Hong Kong. ‘National Goods’ and the Hong Kong Manufacturers.” Pp. 185-198 in Colonial Hong Kong in Modern China, edited by Lee Pui-tak. Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong Press.

Chung, Wai-keung. 2005. “Western Corporate Forms and the Social Origin of Chinese Diaspora Entrepreneurial Networks.” Pp. 287-311 in Diaspora Entrepreneurial Networks, edited by Ioanna Minoglou et al. Oxford, Berg Publisher.

Chung, Wai-keung and Gary G. Hamilton. 2001. “Social Logic as Business Logic. Guanxi, Trustworthiness and the Embeddedness of Chinese Business Practices.” Pp. 325-346 in Rules and Networks. The Legal Culture of Global Business Transactions, edited by Richard P. Appelbaum, William L.F. Felstiner and Volkmar Gessuer. Oxford, Hart Publishing.

Research Projects

Institutionalization of Social Work in China
Co-living and Community Development