Career Prospects

We have designed the curriculum of the Sociology degree programme to ensure its relevance to the job market, particularly in terms of the skills and knowledge outcomes. Knowledge and skills in social research, an understanding of the causes of and social forces contributing to social problems, and a critical appreciation of the pressing issues facing Hong Kong’s population and culture will provide students with the knowledge and ability to meet a wide range of employment requirements and challenges. Specifically, the training from the two concentrations, namely, “Entrepreneurship and Community” and “Culture, Heritage, and Innovation,” are highly relevant to the job market. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to work in the social/business enterprises or cultural/heritage industry.

Graduates of the Sociology programme have found employment in a wide variety of positions. A recent review of the employment status of our graduates found that nearly all found employment in government or the private sector within four months after their graduation in June. Sociology graduates are commonly found in such areas as: Administrative positions in both the public and private sectors, social services and social enterprise, education, conservation, culture, and tourism. Some of our students will pursue further studies in sociology and related discipline in tertiary institutions both locally and overseas.