Full-time Academic Staff

Name Title Phone Room Email
Prof. CHEUNG, Yuet-Wah Head of Department and Distinguished Professor 2804-8412 RHB 206
Prof. CHAN, Ching Selina Academic Vice President and Professor 2806-5142 RHB 205
Prof. CHEUNG, Siu-Keung Vice President (University Administration) and Professor 2104-8249 LG 521
Dr. HUI, Yew-Foong Associate Academic Vice President (Accreditation and Programme Development) and Associate Professor 2804-8556 RHB201
Dr. GAO, Chong Associate Professor 2806-5101 LG 522
Dr. HUANG, Weishan Associate Professor 2104-8237 LG 527
Dr. LAU, Pui-Yan Flora Associate Head and Associate Professor 2104-8241 LG 529
Dr. MAK, Sau-Wa Associate Professor 2806-5102 LG 523
Dr. LAM, Gigi Assistant Professor 2806 5109 LG 530
Dr. LI, Hang Assistant Professor 2104-8292 LG 531
Dr. LIU, Shuo Assistant Professor 2104-8247 LG 525
Dr. MAN, Pui-Kwan Assistant Professor 2104-8227 LG526
Dr. NG, Ni Na Camellia Assistant Professor 2104-8255 LG528
Dr. TSANG, Chung-Kin Assistant Professor 2104-8227 LG 532
Dr. XIE, Jieyi Assistant Professor 2104-8244 LG 524
Ms. CAI, Shengdan Lecturer 2806-5175 LG541

Adjunct and Part-time Academic Staff

Name Title Phone Room Email
Dr. NG, K.S. David Adjunct Associate Professor 2805-8412 /
Dr. LAM Kit Part-time Lecturer 2570-7110 /
Dr. LAU Carol Part-time Lecturer 2570-7110 /
Dr. YEUNG Charlotte Part-time Lecturer 2570-7110 /

Administrative Staff

Name Title Phone Room Email
Mr. YIP L.H. Eric Senior Executive Assistant 2806-7343 RHB305