Dr. MAK, Sau Wa, Veronica, the Associate Professor and the Associate Programme Director of the ACT Programme has recently delivered a talk in the Education Forum in the Education and Career Expo (Feb. 2-5, 2023). In this talk, Veronica pointed out why and how the knowledge of arts, culture and technology can enable the students to join the elite talent group well-sought after by the institutions in the Asian and global cultural economy.

藝術、文化及科技(榮譽)社會科學學士課程副總監 麥秀華博士 最近在教育與職業博覽(2023年2月2日至5日)的教育論壇上發表演講。 在這次演講中,麥秀華博士指出藝術、文化和技術的知識如何能讓學生成為亞洲和全球文化經濟機構所追捧的精英人才。