Dr. Gigi LAM recently published a journal article entitled "Problems encountered by elders in residential care services in Hong Kong" in the journal Asian Education and Development Studies to analyze the current conundrum encountered by elders in residential care services and make recommendations. If you are interested in this article, please visit https://doi.org/10.1108/AEDS-09-2019-0158.
Date: August, 31. 2020



Hong Kong implements a policy for the aging population involving the core themes of “aging in place as the core,” “institutional care as backup” and “continuum of care.” Encouraging elders to live independently at home is a top priority, and elders who are not able to live at home independently are provided with various residential care services, namely Hostels for the Elderly, Homes for the Aged, Care and Attention (C&A) Homes for the Elderly and Nursing Homes (NHs). The purpose of this paper is to analyze the adoption of the publicly funded model of providing residential care services of elderly in Hong Kong.