Dr. Man, Pui-Kwan (Mikayla) has recently published an article: “Income Differences of Chinese Sub-ethnic Groups in Canada” (co-author: Prof. Eric Fong) in the peer-review journal Population Research and Policy Review (5-year impact factor: 2.329).

Abstract: The study of sub-ethnicity acknowledges that an ethnic group may have diversity despite common cultural roots. It recognizes that historical developments due to colonialism and global labor migration have led to the diaspora of some ethnic groups, resulting in sub-identities within a group. International migration brings together people from different continents who were originally from the same ethnic group but now have sub-ethnic group identities. In this study, we contribute to the understanding of sub-ethnicity in three ways. First, we develop a framework for understanding sub-ethnicity. Second, we utilize the 2016 Canadian census, and a socio-historical understanding of different waves of Chinese arriving in Canada, to develop a scheme to categorize different sub-ethnic Chinese groups. We document that there are considerable differences in income among these sub-groups. Finally, we conduct multivariate analysis to explain how the unique socio-demographic background of each sub-ethnic group shapes their income attainment.

If you are interested in this paper, please visit https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11113-023-09758-2