Dr. Gigi Lam and Oscar Wong recently published a refereed journal article entitled "Esports development ecosystem in Hong Kong: an application of a systems thinking literacy approach" in journal Leisure Studies (Q1 journal, impact factor: 2.8, h-index: 74). This is one of academic deliverables of IDS(CRG) project on esports (Project No. UGC/IDS(C)15/M01/20)

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Academic debates have focused on whether esports should be classified as sport. To contribute to building a healthier esports industry, this study developed a holistic framework for examining the strengths and weaknesses of esports development in Hong Kong with a systems thinking literacy approach. By applying a systems thinking literacy approach, the ecosystem framework considered the interactions between the six macro systems: the technological system, social system, policy and legal system, education system, nongovernmental organisations system, and economic system (specifically, the esports industry). Hong Kong has a competitive advantage in information and communications technology infrastructure and a strong potential market for esports, but needs to improve the social image of esports, to implement policies to support the industry, to strengthen the education system, and to address a series of industry issues. Implications on esports ecosystem at international level are also discussed.

If you are interested in this paper, please refer to:
Lam, G., & Wong, O. W. K. (2024). Esports development ecosystem in Hong Kong: an application of a systems thinking literacy approach, Leisure Studies, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02614367.2024.2328086

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