2023 ERAHS Conference summary  

Dr. Veronica Mak, Sau-wa has recently presented a paper, titled “From Farmers to Environmentalists – A Study of Transnational Actor-Networks in GIAHS and Identity Change.” in the 2023 East Asian GIAHS  Conference, organized by the East Asia Researh Association for Agricultural Heritage Systems (ERAHS), Qingyuan, Zhejinag, China, 6-8 June. In this paper, Veronica illustrates that the scientist-farmer-industrial networks of log wood shiitake are critical in sustaining the traditional agricultural practice. In addition, her data illuminate how the multi-stranded dynamics of marketing a regional culture, globalization, heritage hierarchy, and cultural identity are co-evolved and co-produced and this networking process affects the sustainable development and the economy of heritage sites.

2023 年 ERAHS 會議摘要

麥秀華Veronica 博士最近在東亞農業文化遺產系統協會(ERAHS)於6月6日至8日在中國浙江慶元舉辦的2023年東亞GIAHS會議上發表了一篇題為“從農民到環保主義者——農遺跨國網絡-行動者和身份變化的研究”。在此演講中,Veronica 說明瞭原木香菇的科學家-農民-商家網路對於維持傳統農業實踐至關重要。此外,她的數據闡明行銷區域文化、全球化、文化遺產認證和文化認同的多鏈動態是如何共同演變和共同產生的,這種網路過程如何影響遺產地的可持續發展和經濟。

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Group Photo

Dr Veronica Mak's Presentation

Dr. Veronica Mak and Mr. Ng who is one of the shiitake agricultural heritage transmitters