Our alumnus CHEUNG Siu Fung has recently turned his final year project about Kwai Chung Plaza into a refereed journal article under Dr. TSANG Chung-kin's supervision - "The symbolic meanings and practice of shopping malls in Hong Kong beyond consumption: a case study of Kwai Chung Plaza".

In this research, Kwai Chung Plaza was adopted as the case study. Through interviewing 12 local shoppers, it examines the symbolic meanings of the local shopping malls inscribed by the shoppers from the sociocultural lens other than merely departing from the economic dimensions. The spatial, individual and community levels are discussed in the article to show that the shopping mall was not merely a place for buy-and-sell transactions. It is rather a place that could be understood as an extension of the street, a body of collective memories and a place for Hongkongers.

It is published in Social Transformations in Chinese Societies (2023).