Dr. Li Hang and Prof. Cheung Yuet-wah recently co-published a journal article “Beyond Ketamine: Narratives of Risk among Young Psychoactive Drug Users in Hong Kong” in the Journal of Substance Use.

Date: December, 15. 2020

Drawing on the research findings from the PPR-funded project (Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office, 2016.B13.002.17A), this article aims to explore the recent changes in the drugs of choice among young drug users in Hong Kong by examining their narratives of risk toward psychoactive drug use. This study provides insight into adolescent drug use in a changing drug scene by revealing the importance of experiential understanding of risk among young drug users in the making of drug use related decisions.

 Link to the article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14659891.2020.1856207